Family Office

For those families with extensive and often disparate business and personal interests, which are looking for a bespoke, personal, professional service, the Family Office facility takes over considerable time and concern involved in dealing with the family affairs so that the key figures can focus on value-generating activities.

Our involvement assists in doing this without the cost and hassle of establishing, staffing and running an own family office by offering co-ordination of financial and succession planning, asset protection, investment administration, and any other service related to a family’s diverse assets and interests, from a dedicated single point of contact.

In addition, we can assist in a wide array of areas or matters, such as the following:

  • Structuring and management of the family’s assets – Estate Planning and Administration

  • Concierge” services, including payment of monthly bills, arranging travel and personal security, looking after children’s schooling

  • Recruitment services

  • Arranging education and training for next generation on issues such as wealth management, risk management, personal security, etc.

  • Sourcing, evaluating and following philanthropic activities